Miaii System

Miaii System

Welcome to the Miaii System Website!

We are a Plural System of eight primary members, along with a variety of others, who are on the highly-cooperative side of the continuum. Our primary members are all co-conscious and simultaneously present, share all knowledge and memories of what happens in the front, and can all switch to the front. We also experience a variety of blending and synchronization, especially in the front, and often complete each other's sentences or say the same thing, for a very connected experience. We also have a variety of other members, although they generally stay internal at all times, and don't or can't front. (They also don't necessarily share the primary properties.)

We have been plural as long as any of us can remember, and are quite stable. We don't have any trauma or amnesia, and are entirely natural.

More information about our system as a whole is on the About our System page.

You can also read about our primary members individually on these profile pages: You can also read about our Dream World, our Simulation System, and Essentials and Aspects, all of whom rarely if ever front.

And we have a variety of essays/articles about our experience.

There's also the Frequently Asked Questions, and our links to sites about Plurality and other Systems.