Miaii System

About the Miaii System

Our system has many members, who all live in a particular section of our inner space. It is composed of four main areas, which are: the primary innerworld, the simulation system, the non-physical places where the essentials and aspects live, and our dream world.

Primary System

The primary members of our system are the ones who can and often front, i.e. speak to the physical world (outerworld). They all (and only they) live in what we call our primary innerworld, which is composed of three main areas: the frontspace, the nature area, and the neutral plane.

The frontspace looks a bit like a futuristic airplane cockpit, and has three seats, and two main windows. The seat on the left is the 'Pilot' seat, and is occupied by whomever is primarily fronting. The seat on the right is the 'Co-Pilot' seat and is occupied by whomever is co-fronting. Both of these people generally have nearly-equal say in the physical interface, i.e. what we say, how food tastes, etc. Both of these seats also have a window in front of them, which when looked through you become/see through the body. (Which is honestly a difficult to explain experience.) In addition, both seats have a variety of control panels below and above the two windows and in a center console. In actuality, the controls are totally optional for interacting with/using the body, but sometimes it's nice to have the literal metaphor. The third seat is directly behing the center console, and has a three-panel wide control area as well, and is the 'Assistant' seat. Nati is usually in this position, as it is an interface between the innerworld/back and outerworld/front and allows for communication, but doesn't influence our physical interface. All three seats also have a center control that looks like a pilot's yoke, that when touched encourages direct interface/becoming the body for full-immersion fronting (we usually use these while in the two main seats). The space up front also has a floor, so many times others will hang out in the frontspace, not sitting in a seat, which allows them to talk with whomever is fronting/talk to the physical world here, but not influence our physical responses.

The nature area is a great place for us to relax and just enjoy some scenery, when we're not fronting. It has a beach, oceanside cliff-walk, grassy field, garden, and some apartments we can hang out in/work on things as well. It also has day and night skies, sometimes synced to the outerworld, sometimes just whatever we want. This is also the best place to have private conversations and activites where the people who are fronting don't see/pay attention to.

The netural plane is the easiest to describe as it is simply a (practically) infinite flat plane as a floor, which is nearly black (only a hint of very dark blue). There's a few belongings lying around sometimes, and we can build whatever we want there, although the default is just a solid floor and a starry sky. It's a great place to talk, or just watch what's going on outside without bugging anyone by breathing down their shoulder.

As for our primary innerworld's physics, there is nominally gravity and air, but everything is optional for us, so we don't need to eat, drink, or even breathe, and can fly, run, walk, or teleport around at will. In addition, we can build whatever we want and it'll work as well as possible, but we can't necessarily build something we don't know how it works, and expect it to behave like the real thing.

You can read the profiles of our primary fronters here.

Simulation System

The simulation system is a subsystem which is composed of quite a few people (although indeterminate in number) who all live and act within the simulation space. It is a bit like a personal holodeck, or walking into a movie, where anyone in the system can participate in a simulation, and the simulation people play (like actors) any and all parts needed for that simulation. For example, if we're simulating a tough interview, one of us might simulate being interviewed, while a simulation person asks us tough questions. Or if we're simulating an epic space battle, simulation people will be playing the parts of the enemies, our allies, and even running the special effects and the ship movements. We oftentimes think of the simulation system a bit like living imagination, or a really awesome innerworld movie studio. There are limits to what they can do, as sometimes in large groups there won't be enough people (or people with that kind of experience) to play all the parts, and if we don't know how someone would act, they may have to guess or have limited solutions. Overall, they're all excellent at what they do, and love their jobs.

Essentials and Aspects

Our essentials and aspects all perform some essential job (like our subconscious), or personify some core aspect of all of us (like observation). They generally have no form (or a tenuous/temporary one), and all exist in different non-physical places around our inner space. They almost never interact with the physical world, and perfom their internal duties admirably and often unseen.

Dream World

Our Dream World is different than the other places, as it is 'asleep' during the day, while we are awake and fronting. Then, when all of us (and the rest of our inner space) goes to sleep at night, the Dream World 'wakes up' and we dream into it often. Sometimes we also have more ordinary processing dreams, or simulation dreams with the simulation system, but most of our time at night is usually spent here. It's really quite huge, and as we dream we often create new places and people within it. It has multiple cities and locations, most often mirrors of places we live in or see in the physical world. The dream people who live here see it as their reality, and have no knowledge of the physical world and cannot front, or even see our other innerworld places. They mostly live out normal lives (by dream standards), albeit in a very different reality than most people experience. We do have a few 'emissaries' who are dream people we have gifted with the ability to cross over the world boundaries, and can talk with us while we are awake, as well as have extended abilities (like flight) in the dream world that other dream people do not. They can front and talk with the physical world, as a notable exception to the others, but they extremely rarely do so, as it generally has nearly no relevance to their lives. Also of note is that we usually dream together, sharing a dream body, although we can occasionally dream in separate (innerworld) bodies.