Miaii System

Seeing through another's eyes

by Kevin Miaii

It is said that one cannot truly know another’s experience. And while I do believe that to be true, being plural has to be one of the closest ways one can approach that unattainable knowledge.

When someone else is fronting, and I'm co-fronting or just watching from the back, it is very much like experiencing the world through their eyes. When seeing through the front, I see the world through their sight, experience things as they would, and know their motivations and thoughts. As a passive observer in this context, in many ways it feels like I've become them. We as the system also act and speak like them to the physical world, so not only can I see how they see the world but also how they interact with it. It is much like watching a first-person movie but with so much immersion that it feels completely natural and real.

In truth, though, I do not actually become any of the others when they are fronting. They all have their own desires, motivations, and thoughts - and even secrets. We do share quite a bit, especially when fronting together. However, we never truly merge or become one. In that way when I am seeing the world through another’s eyes I still have my own thoughts, desires, and ideas. So I can comment and act too, and together we can all blend and work in harmony to create a new and interesting mixed experience, as all of us, as the Miaii System.