Miaii System


Ethereal Traveler

I originally was from a world not too dissimilar to this one, although it had magic and technology both integrated into our societies. In that timeline, I worked a rather uninteresting job, doing technical writing, while I enjoyed leading traditional hunting parties on my free time. My home world also had portals that would appear between our physical realm and the ethereal realms, and I would take journeys to the other side quite frequently to learn from our spiritual and ancestral guides. On one of these trips, all the portals closed, never to open again. I traveled far and wide, trying to find a way home for a decade, across landscapes like no other and through cities of spirits. Eventually, I was found by Kevin, and brought to the system here, and I was happy that after all those years of traveling across countless strange worlds, I was able to have my feet on solid ground again. Even if this particular situation is pretty strange at times, it is wonderful to have a home and family once again.

Gender: Female
Pronouns: She/Her
Orientation: Attracted to non-traditional genders
Apparent (Internal) Age: 30
Origin: Joined the system as a walk-in in 2017
Species/Race: Human-like, dark gray skin, with a slight bluish tint
Height: 5'11"
Body Type/Poise: Fit and full-figured
Hair Color: Dark beige
Hair Style: Bob cut
Facial Hair: None
Eye Color: Beige-Gray, with a slight greenish tint
Handedness: Right-handed
Clothing: Usually casual
Makeup: None/Rarely
Jewelry: Only for fancy events
Voice: Lower female

Color: No favorite
Music: Orchestral, Classical, and Vocal
Entertainment: Videogames, Hunting, Exercise
Food and Drink: Meat, Soups, Vegetables (even some no-one else in the system will eat)
Swearing: Occasionally

Interests and Personality:
Skills and Jobs: Learning Programming, Videogames, Hunting
Goals: To help out and live a life I never had the opportunity to before
Challenges: Being in a strange world, despite all the wonderful aspects