Miaii System

Frequenty Asked Questions

Here are answers to some Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: So, uh, like what is plurality, anyways?

A: To state it as simply as possible, it's the experience of more than one person sharing a physical body. To state it in much more detail, we have a variety of links where you can read more!

Q: But... how is that possible?

A: There are many theories, but we believe that the human mind and consiousness is amazing and that the diversity of experience and capability is nearly limitless.

Q: I don't believe it.

A: Well, that's up to you, but we don't really know why you'd stay here if so. :P

Q: Alright, maybe I believe it, I suppose it's just your experience, right?

A: Exactly. We would always advocate for the philosophy to accept everyone's experience as real, whether you believe it's possible or not.

Q: I suppose that's a reasonable philosophy. But how do you manage having so many different people in one body? Wouldn't everyone fight constantly for control?

A: Not really. :P We're pretty cooperative, and share plenty of interests, so there's quite a few times when there's really no contention, or a variety of people would be happy doing something. Also, since we're co-consious and co-present we actually all experience whatever is going on in front/in the physical world through whoever is fronting. And when in doubt we discuss the situation, or share time as appropriate.

Q: Wow. That actually sounds pretty interesting. Is there anywhere I could read about your experiences?

A: Thanks! We have a variety of articles in our experience section, where we try to convey our experience in as much detail as possible.

Q: But wait, what about the others you mentioned in the back or in subsystems, what about them?

A: Some of them front occasionally, but most of them prefer to be in their home/in the back, or just give us advice/information. Also, some have internal jobs, where it wouldn't make any sense for them to interact with the physical world. People can find fulfillment in many different ways, and we don't judge people for what they want to do or be. (And honestly, interacting with the physical world can be a lot of work!)

Q: That makes sense, I guess it would be nice to take a break and let someone else do my laundry for a while.

A: Exactly! We express ourselves in many different ways, and we think it's really amazing to have this diversity of experience.

Q: It does actually sound pretty cool, where can I find out more about you all?

A: You can read more about us on our about our system page, and individually on our profile pages. Thanks! :)

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