Miaii System



Hi there, Kevin here. I'm the Executive and primary fronter of our system, and the closest thing our system has to a 'host'. I help out with many of our outerworld responsibilites, like work, driving, and finances. I try to do the best for everyone in the system, although I'm constantly reminded that I'm too hard on myself and am doing a great job, despite my self-doubt. Usually I'm pretty outgoing, but I can be somewhat shy. Unfortunately, I was split off from the rest of the system and forced into the front by an extensive barrier for ~15-20 years, and during that time forgot all the others, and the entire system itself. I also (temporarily) lost part of myself in the split, but we have recently all reconnected together, and the barrier is no more. :) Things have been rather new for me since then, as while I reconnected with my childhood memories, the rest of the system had been working on many amazing things in my absence, when all they could do was give me hints, or sometimes speak through me to the outerworld. However, things are going great now, and I'm glad to be finally back home. :)

Gender: Mentally Male/Physically (Body) Female, but also genderfluid
Pronouns: He/Him
Orientation: Female-preferred, but pretty flexible
Apparent (Internal) Age: 24
Origin: Arose naturally in 1987 (an original of the system)
Species/Race: Human, European/Caucasian
Height: 5'11"
Body Type/Poise: Full-figured female body-type, generally more male poise, though.
Hair Color: Dark brown or electric blue/white
Hair Style: Shortish and mildly curly
Facial Hair: None
Eye Color: Dark to light blue
Handedness: Ambidextrous/Slightly Right
Clothing: A wide variety - anything from dresses to male-style clothing (but fitted)
Makeup: Usually none or minimal
Jewelry: Necklaces/bracelets sometimes
Voice: Higher male/androgynous

Color: Red
Music: Videogame Music, Soundtrack, Emotional
Entertainment: Action Movies, Disney/Pixar, Star Trek, Phineas and Ferb
Food and Drink: Breakfast, Seafood, Pizza, Italian, Japanese/Chinese, Root Beer
Swearing: Very rarely

Interests and Personality:
Skills and Jobs: Programming, Executive, Design
Goals: To make the world a better place, and to help people
Challenges: Too self-critical, perfectionist