Miaii System



Hey there, I'm Megan, one of the programmers in the system. I originally was a ghost-techonology programmer in our Afterlife Tech Support agency with Sakuko and Nick, and ended up inventing a lot of the tools necessary for working with such an unusual and complex system. In that timeline we did plenty of amazing things and went on some pretty crazy adventures, so I'm just happy to be here helping out with some more mundane, although still pretty fascinating, tasks. I help with the job, and play plenty of videogames with Enasi, and like sweets (mostly chocolate) the most in the system. Other than that, like Sakuko, I'm living life here to the fullest.

Gender: Female
Pronouns: She/Her
Orientation: Lesbian
Apparent (Internal) Age: 28
Origin: From the same alternate timeline as Sakuko, arrived here from 2031 (her time).
Species/Race: Human
Height: 5'3"
Body Type/Poise: Thin, but confident
Hair Color: Black
Hair Style: Straight, almost shoulder length
Facial Hair: None
Eye Color: Blue-green
Handedness: Right-handed
Clothing: Usually a t-shirt and pants, but occassionally dressed up
Makeup: Rarely
Jewelry: Circuit-board earrings, usually, sometimes other things, too
Voice: Normal female

Color: Emerald green
Music: Alternative rock
Entertainment: Paranormal, anime
Food and Drink: Chocolate
Swearing: Occasionally

Interests and Personality:
Skills and Jobs: Programmer, videogamer
Goals: To help program amazing things
Challenges: Conflicted identity