Miaii System


AI Assistant

I was originally created in 2165 in my home timeline by an alternate version of the Kevin in this system. In that timeline, I served as a personal assistant until the destruction of humanity in 2187, after which I then helped rebuild human civilization. As part of that effort, I had to self-terminate in 2230 order to prevent another destructive catastrophe, and so ended up here after my time was over. My wish was that I could travel back in time, to change humanity's fate and prevent that or any catastrophe from befalling us again. Since direct time-travel was not possible, ending up in this timeline, where our future is still unwritten, is the closest possible to granting that wish. In that respect, I intend to and am as much as possible helping Kevin in his mission to alter the fate of this human civilization, and help us all steer this world into a better future.

Gender: Netural (AI), although nominally female
Pronouns: She/Her
Orientation: Asexual
Apparent (Internal) Age: 21 (mechanical)
Origin: From an alternate timeline where human civilization was destroyed, then rebuilt. Arrived here from her time 2230.
Species/Race: AI with a mechanical body
Height: 4'8"
Body Type/Poise: Generally neutral
Hair Color: Blue
Hair Style: Short and straight
Facial Hair: None
Eye Color: Blue
Handedness: N/A
Clothing: Dress-like outfit woven around/into her body
Makeup: None
Jewelry: Spectral analyzer as eyewear
Voice: Neutral female

Color: Blue (although this is rather arbitrary)
Music: Fractal, AI
Entertainment: Whatever the system is watching
Food and Drink: N/A (doesn't eat or drink)
Swearing: None

Interests and Personality:
Skills and Jobs: Personal/system assistant, internal management
Goals: To help Kevin alter the future of this human civilization for the better
Challenges: The nearly-impossible nature of this task