Miaii System



Hello, I'm Nick, and I'm the most business-oriented in the system. Back in my original timeline, I helped found our Afterlife Tech Support Agency with Megan and Sakuko, taking care of most of the business aspects, like management, sales, marketing, and paperwork. So far I've been helping out the system with similar things, but I feel like my time hasn't fully come yet. That being the case, you'll only occasionally see me in the front these days, but that may change in the future. Otherwise, I'm happy to be here with my two best friends, Megan and Sakuko, and look forward to exciting times ahead.

Gender: Male
Pronouns: He/Him
Orientation: Asexual
Apparent (Internal) Age: 30
Origin: From the same alternate timeline as Sakuko, arrived here from 2031 (his time).
Species/Race: Human
Height: 5'8"
Body Type/Poise: Fit and confident
Hair Color: Brown
Hair Style: Short
Facial Hair: Occasionally
Eye Color: Hazel
Handedness: Right-handed
Clothing: Buisness casual
Makeup: None
Jewelry: None
Voice: Normal male

Color: Gold
Music: Whatever everyone else is listening to
Entertainment: Drama, Theatre, Science Fiction
Food and Drink: Pizza, BBQ, Whiskey
Swearing: Rarely

Interests and Personality:
Skills and Jobs: Buisnessman, paperwork, management, marketing
Goals: To help the system be successful
Challenges: Finding my place, being the only 100% male in the primary system